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Our association would love to have you as a member ! 

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Two packages are available to support us:

  member ARCLV - membership fee of CHF 100 per year.

Ordinary members can participate in the decisions of the association and are invited to the general meetings.
They are informed by mail about the decisions of the association and the organized events.

They are entitled to free admission to all events, free participation in dance seminars, a 20% discount for participation in music seminars (flute and Renaissance music courses) and Renaissance meals.

  member "Da Vinci Fissure Flute" - annual fee of Frs 50

Members are informed by email about the developments of the "Da Vinci Fissure Flute" project: videos, workshops, lectures, concerts organized and new instruments offered for sale.

They benefit from a reduced rate to attend the concerts.

Members who purchase a Da Vinci Fissure Flute become part of the "Circle of Fissure Flute Players" and will be invited to participate in local and international activities to promote the instrument.

Sympathetic members may attend general meetings but without voting rights.

The ARCLV bylaws can be downloaded here .  

The accounting year begins on April 1.


To register : please write to us through the contact form  and make the payment to the account opposite. 

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