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The Leonardo da Vinci Cultural Research Association (ARCLV) was founded in 1998 with the aim of exploring and disseminating unpublished aspects of the work of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519).

Its founding members include personalities from the world of culture and art in Switzerland and Valais, as well as experts of Leonardo da Vinci.

Between 1998 and 2019 the association produced in Valais the prototypes of 6 musical instruments designed by Leonardo da Vinci. 

Since 2019, an interdisciplinary creation workshop "L. de Vinci" is organized, created in collaboration with the Cantonal Conservatory on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo de Vinci's death.  Information 

In 2019, After the creation of the fissure flutes, concerts and introductory courses were organized to play the L. da Vinci flute. Information

Starting from May 2020, copies of this instrument are available to be purchased. The Da Vinci ARCLV fissure flute is built by recorder maker Giacomo Andreola. 



ARCLV has collaborated with organizations such as OSEO, ARSet, Université Populaire, Société Dante Alighieri, and received support from the Loterie Romande, Banque Raiffeisen, Fondation du Centenaire Raiffeisen, Fondation Fontannaz-Délèze, and donations from private individuals in order to build the instruments.

The association was invited to present mechanical drums to be pulled:

- the Festival Musique pour les Châteaux de Chillon et d'Aigle (1995 -1997);

- the Festival Science et Cité, Lausanne (2001);

- the Flatus Festival, Sion (1998 - 2013);

- Hotel Mediterraneo, Naples (2006);

- Galerie "der BASF Schwarzheide," Dresden (2008);

- Book Festival, St. Pierre de Clages (2002),

- Music Festival, Sierre (2016);

The foundation has directed:


- Seasonal exhibitions at the Giannada Foundation in Martigny;


- Temporary exhibitions in Sion, Sierre, Aigle, St Pierre de Clages, Dresden, Naples, Lausanne, Médiathèque Valais, Sion, October 2019;


- Lectures: 'Leonardo da Vinci and music'; 'The clock of Chiaravalle'; 'Leonardo and flight'; 'Leonardo da Vinci's architecture'; 'Leonardo da Vinci and his time';


- Concerts presenting philosophical texts by L. da Vinci and works by authors contemporary to L. da Vinci performed on period instruments, using L. da Vinci's instruments;


- Publication of articles on previously unpublished aspects of da Vinci's research: "Leonardo and music", "Leonardo and the theater" and "The symbolism of 'preaching' and 'mass' theaters";


- From 2000 to 2013, the annual organization of the "Giornata Leonardiana" in Sion during the months of June: with conferences, exhibitions and Renaissance dinners with musical interludes by authors from the court of L. Sforza in Milan. Renaissance dance seminars and outdoor performances were also organized.

Committee composition:


Me Patricia CLAVIEN, Vice-president

Prof. Mauro CARPICECI, Responsible for scientific and technical matters

Enrico CASULARO, Responsible for artistic and cultural matters

Andrée SOLTANI, Treasurer

Katia CHEVRIER, Member

Monique FAVRE, Member

Becoming a sustaining or sympathizing member of our association allows you to stay informed about our activities and benefit from preferential rates.

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